Our Philosophy

At BlueBerries Childcare Centre, we aim to create an environment where we actively promote the education, play and care of children into all aspects of our day.

BlueBerries Childcare Centre value our collaborative partnerships with families, as this allows us to acknowledge that they are the first and most influential educators in children’s lives. We encourage families to help guide their children’s learning by identifying their interests, which can then be incorporated into their curriculum.

Primarily, our focus is on nurturing, caring and providing consistency for children in our care. We value children’s thirst for knowledge and their curiosity. We believe it is through creative play and discovery that children ask questions which we can answer and extend by asking further open-ended questions as we discover together. We view children as active participants and decision makers in their learning.

Our Service complies with the National Quality Framework (NQF) including the National Quality Standard (NQS), the Early Years Learning Framework and the

National Regulations (Education and Care Services National Regulations). The Early Years Learning Framework provides us with a platform that we can use to extend and enrich children’s lives. We use the Early Years Learning Frameworks outcomes, practices and principles to provide a balanced child approach to teaching. The Framework provides us with an educational program that includes all key learning areas and outcomes, which we integrate into every aspect of our children’s learning and play.

As an early learning centre, we also make use of our community to gain resources, support and knowledge. We acknowledge the importance of building relationships with the community around us, as it plays a vital role in children’s lives.

Goals for your child at BlueBerries Childcare

  • Mutual respect and empathy
  • Concern and responsibility for self and others
  • A sense of self worth
  • Social awareness
  • Importance of sustainability
  • Self-discipline
  • Habits of initiative and persistence
  • Creative intelligence and imagination
  • Self-confidence as an independent learner
  • A love of learning

Want more information? Have a look at our facilities, rooms and curriculum. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.