BlueBerries Childcare programs are developed using the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework. These programs provide children with a variety of experiences that are designed to promote and extend their development.

BlueBerries Childcare programs are catered for each individual, allowing them to develop their strengths, interests, skills and abilities in a supportive and fun learning environment. Is there something in particular that you would like your child to experience or learn while in our care? Just let us know – you can have as much input into your child’s program as you wish.

In general, our childcare programs promote the development of:

  • Physical skills
  • Language and literacy skills
  • Personal and interpersonal skills
  • ŸCreativity and the expressive arts
  • Problem solving, thinking and mathematical abilities

General Childcare
Program for Babies:

  • Individualised routines – meal and nappy change times, sleep and settling routines
  • Nurturing interactions between child-educator and baby
  • A safe environment where your baby can explore and discover at their own individual pace

General Childcare
Program for Toddlers:

  • Providing support as they develop language, independence and social skills
  • Planned experiences that focus on supporting children to engage in play
  • Flexibility – children can engage in our child care experience in the way that best suits their interests and abilities
  • Our educators act as guides and role models – helping your child to negotiate with others and express their emotions appropriately.

General Childcare
Program for Preschoolers:

  • Developing academic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics
  • Play-based and geared towards the interests of your child
  • Mix of individual, small and larger group activities
  • Children make choices about what they would like to do with their day
  • Educators get to know your child by engaging with them individually and in groups

For more information about BlueBerries Childcare programs, please contact us. Our main goal is to provide you and your child with the most enriching and supportive childcare experience possible. For more information about what your child will learn at BlueBerries Childcare, please see our curriculum.